The Kibble Name Game

Blythe has graduated from CCI as a breeder, a
specialized program for the best of the best.
The photo that started it all.

Blythe, at seven months old, was featured on Canine Companions for Independence's Facebook page inspiring puppy raisers and grads alike. Soon after the posting, photos of well-trained dogs exhibiting an overload of awesomeness starting showing up in our FB newsfeeds.

It was our pleasure at Raising a Super Dog to collect as much of this wonderful stuff as we could capture. 

Featured here are more than 140 dogs. Most are involved with Canine Companions for Independence, others are beloved pets. All are awesome.

Did we miss you? Want to join the adventure with your own dog? Send a photo, along with a brief note about your dog, to

Our appreciation to Blythe's puppy raiser, Jennifer, for presenting this creative challenge.

The Challenge

A photo of your dog demonstrating their own brand of awesomeness and self-control when faced with their name spelled in kibble. 

Variations include dog cookies, burgers & fries, string cheese or the occasional cat as distractions.

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Acroynm Glossary

AT: Advanced Training program
COC: Change of Career Dog (released from the training program and adopted as a pet)
FD: CCI Facility Dog
HD: CCI Hearing Dog
PIP: CCI Puppy in Program
PR: CCI volunteer Puppy Raiser
SC: CCI Skilled Companion Dog
SD: CCI Service Dog

Dogs featured on Facebook

Bright, SD (Help on Four Legs)

Dog Blogs

A Novel Pup (Karen & Novel PIP)
Endless Pawsibilities, Adventures of a Pacific Northwest puppy raiser (Cassie & Helaine PIP)
Jeb's Dog Blog (Marianne & Jeb PIP)
Help on Four Legs (Alex & Bright, SD)
Paws for Independence (Ellie & Haddie (at AT) & Kolby (PIP)
Paws to Hear (Leslie & Nettie HD)
Pooch Smooches (Jackie & Rita, a rescued dog)
Raising a Super Dog (Donna & Euka II, PIP)
Redwood Musings (Constance & Renelle HD)
Still I Can't Be Silent (Natalie & Cassius SD)


Let the Dogs Speak, by Marianne McKiernan

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