About Yaxley

Yaxley showed up here as CCI pup #3 in February 2011.  Just when we think we might have this stuff just about figured out, we get a whole nuther personality to work with.

We were asked, so is he more like Inga or Micron? But it's tough to make such a comparison. Like Inga, he's very clever, picking up on new commands quickly. Inga loved to travel as a puppy, a true adventuress. Yaxley, not so much. On car rides, he's more into the journey than the destination.

And like Micron, he loves people. Yax is just short of the velcro personality, though.

He is his own dog. An absolutely delightful mix of smarts, cuddlebug and puppy clownishness. The son of a petite golden retriever and a handsome black lab, Yaxley has a share of the genes that make these breeds so great to work with.


Yaxley update

After a month of advanced training at Canine Companions for Independence, Yaxley has decided that the life of an assistance dog is not for him. Instead, Yax has chosen the life of a beloved pet.

He's been adopted by a dear friend and co-worker. A young family with a little boy that Yaxley can have for his very own.

That every kid should grow up with an awesome dog is one of my long held beliefs.

You know, it's not the ending we had in mind for him, yet it seems so perfect. Not every puppy in training will become an assistance dog. But they all seem to find their destiny and end up exactly where they belong.

Our eighteen month journey with the little lord Yaxley is covered here in a mere seventy six blog posts. Selecting Yaxley on the word cloud on the right (or clicking this link) will take you to our stories of plane trips, fresh goat milk, a reenactment of Pompeii ... and so much more.

We wish Yaxley and his new family many years of happiness together.

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