About Wordless Wednesday

So what am I going on about on these Wordless Wednesday posts anyway? The spirit of WW, as I've been led to understand, is to post an image of interest with nothing more than a clever caption. A ubiquitous feature of many a pet blogger.

And any blogger could tell you how taxing it is to come up with thoughtful commentary and type it into prose. Or at least something that makes a lick of sense to the reader.

So we bloggers, with our cultish ways, have developed a way to create a weekly post with less of the usual hoo ha. We slap a photo out there and call it a day.

Never one to follow the rules of man and web, my WW's are indeed a degree off the norm. Pulling a favorite photo from the archives, I'll add more than just a snappy caption, but will spend less time in writing fanciful stuff. In fact, a normal Wednesday morning is pulling a post together after a second cup o'joe and before heading out for work. Which is why you'll occasionally see Wedesnday spelled wrong.

It's my hope and dream that you find WW at least half as entertaining as I do. It's good to have goals in life.

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