About Micron

No, actually I can't dial down the handsome.
It's on all the time.
But don't let my name fool you. In real life, I'm very big. -Little John (Robin Hood : Men in Tights, 1993)

The Mighty Micron is the second pup we've raised for Canine Companions for Independence.  He's also the pup that got me involved in this blogging thing.  Ridiculously photogenic and with a character just one degree off the normal scale, there is just too much Micron happening here to keep this dog to myself.

Micron is a Lab/Golden cross; about three quarters Golden Retriever. He has that wonderful people-pleasin' velcro personality that you see with Goldens. A beautiful and good natured guy.

We sent him off to dog college at CCI in May 2011. But after three months of advanced training, it was determined that, while he is an amazing fella, he is not truly suited to be an assistance dog.

So, Micron is now a Change of Career dog.  CCI allowed us to adopt Micron as our beloved pet.

In May 2012, Micron and I graduated from Miami Valley Pet Therapy Association as a pet therapy team.  We now volunteer with Hospice of Dayton and other facilities around the Greater Miami Valley.

Micron has earned his
AKC Canine Good Citizen
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