About Jager

What kind of dog is that?

A question we usually interpret as a query into this particular dog's breeding. And questionable breeding is about right.

We usually say he's an All American. Or a Heinz 57.  But never just a mutt.

Jager is a special kinda guy. We welcomed this funny little fella into our family a few years ago. I had recently said my good-byes to my beloved German Shepherd who had lost his battle to an aggressive cancer. All of us dog lovers have had The One, haven't we? Well, The Kaiser was my One. A tough loss and I wasn't ready to move on just yet.

Then Jager showed up.

A rather funky looking dog at an adoption event we just happened to walk into one weekend. My son asked if he could walk the spotted dog around for a bit and the connection started to take hold.  We agreed to foster the dog (I wasn't ready, remember?) for a while so he could have a warm home until he could be adopted by a forever family.

Two weeks later, I was hooked. What a great dog. Why didn't somebody figure this out already? The shelter called, we think we may have someone interested in Jager.  Oh.

I wasn't ready to love a dog again. Was I? 

No, this is good.  It feels right.  It feels like healing.  No, I tell the shelter, Jager already has a home. We'll be keeping him, I think.

So, what kind of dog is he? A guess is that he has some sheltie in there.  He came to us with Dermatomyositis, a muscle and skin disease that tends to hit collies, shelties and their crosses. Lucky for all, he seems to be in remission and we have only seen some minor skin lesions since he's been hanging around here. The muscle atrophy around his face and head is profound, but has not worsened.

With his quirky personality traits, we're left to assume there must be some kind of freakazoid terrier genes involved as well. And that coat coloring hints at maybe some spaniel heritage?  All these things combined that makes him the charming guy he is.

What kind of dog is that?

Well, he's Jager. And he's a one of a kind, that's what he is.

Jager and the groundhog toy

Jagerbomb, Mr. Bones, Yawger, Jagermeister, and Offdammit!.

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