About Euka II

Euka II (photo courtesy Chris Kittredge Photography)

The extraordinary E litter was born on Friday, September 14 2012.  Mom Taya introduced us to five girls and three boys, all yellow coats.

Taya and her E's (photo courtesy Chris Kittredge Photography)
In birth order (with collar color) we have:
Emma (red)
Everett (blue)
Ella (purple)
Elmo (neon green)
Euka II (neon pink)
Emily (brown)
Ethan (light pink)
Eliza (turquoise)

And I remain completely jazzed to be assigned Euka II as my charge. This little furry will show up to the Sword House in early November 2012 as CCI Puppy #4 for us to raise.

Euka II (photo courtesy Chris Kittredge Photography)
Littermates Everett, Ella and Emma are coming to landlocked Ohio as well.  For the first time in our area, we'll be raising four puppies from the same litter. I'm so looking forward to the training, play dates and incredible photo ops. And perhaps some friendly competition among us puppy raisers.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EUKA...you're 5 months old!!!

  2. Did Euka ever graduate from CCI?

    1. Yes, she graduated in February. I hope we'll get a blog post about it eventually!


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