Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, you jerk

Happy Gotcha Day

You're gonna just love this cat, I tell The Husband.

Oh?, he says.

Huh. What is this? Do I detect a wary tone of skepticism in that Oh? He doesn't trust my judgment in the assessment of feline goodness, perhaps. Or I could just be paranoid. There's always that.

No, really, I insist. I've never seen a cat with a personality like this before. He's so ... tough. Or something.

I struggle to put a label on this cat. But I give it a try. 

Well, he's kinda like the honey badger of the cat world, I say. He just doesn't give a .... you know.

So if I'm understanding this correctly, says The Husband. You're just letting me know that you're bringing a very short sociopath into our home. With built in weaponry.

Bah. You're gonna love him, I repeat.

This was three years ago, November of 2011, that we welcomed the Benevolent Ruler of Sword House into our family.

And sure, Bodine can be a jerk sometimes. But in his defense, he needs to have this cast iron temperament to survive mind and body among the canine-related activities here.

Sharing space with two adult dogs, and a quasi-annual rotation of Canine Companions for Independence puppies, a little fella needs to have an attitude bigger than himself.

And he does.

In spades.

So after I pick up the paperwork Bodine just knocked off the desk, we'll celebrate his third Gotcha Day with our family.

We love you, Bodine, you little jerk.


  1. There's gotta be one in every house. Happy Gotcha Day, Bodine!

    (Those are my favorite kind of cats!)

    Monty and Harlow

    1. The guy does keep things interesting around here. His favorite game is Catch Me You Stoopid Dog.

      We have rugged furniture.


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