Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Armpit wedgie

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. This cape is giving me an armpit wedgie.

'Tis true, our sassy girl is growing out of her training cape. Being the more petite of the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter, I wonder how the rest are faring with theirs.

Hold on, young pups, and keep those tummies tucked in. You're almost old enough for your big pup training capes.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Euka first semester update

Now that, says Euka, was a play session! 
You must really be mad at that little yellow dog, says Bodine. The benevolent ruler of Sword House strolls into the kitchen while I'm putting some sandwiches together.

Ooh, is that roast beef? he asks.

Ack! Get off the counter, Bodine! I say. Take those litter box feet of yours back to the floor. And what? I must be mad at who?

The cat makes a clear, and rather impressive, leap over to the dinette table. He lifts a hind leg and gets down to personal hygiene business.

Let  me know when you're done on the counter, willya, says
Bodine. I have some important business to tend to. 
I'm talking about that little yellow dog, says Bodine. He's speaking slowly so I can understand this time. You took her outside hours ago and never brought her back in.

What are you talking about, cat o'mine? I say. The puppy is right here. See? Holly's on the dog bed in a Down Stay. Right, Holly? Good girl, you. 

Not that tail biter, says Bodine. The other one. Wow, you really don't remember, do you? Maybe you should start writing this stuff down. 

Wait, I say. Are you talking about Euka? Bodine, you dip, we turned Euka back over to CCI for her Advanced Training. It's been over two months ago. 

You don't say, says Bodine. He waves a dismissive paw in the air. Well - a few hours, a few months - it's all the same around here. If it's not one dog, it's another.

He shifts his cleaning efforts to his other cheek. Huh. So you're telling me, says the cat. That we've swapped out yet another yellow dog? Can't we just install a revolving door or something to speed up the process? Hey, you know what? I'm not even going to bother to learn their names anymore.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Watch Holly Grow

Here we gotcha Miss Holly's eighteen week birthday shot. Good grief, how this girl is growing. It's like she's burning every calorie we put in her to achieve her quest to be all Grown Up.

Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

And then, people, we have the Jager Bomb. He heard there were dog cookies.

This spotted creature is *not* our Miss Holly. Nor is his tongue.
Heh, it kinda looks like he has eyebrows.  Which gives me a particularly evil idea for a future photo shoot ... hmmm.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Go Bucks!

We moved the weekly photo spot once again. For this week's shoot, we have Holly showcasing her delicate beauty in front of our beloved buckeye tree.

Right, look in the softly focused background. That's not some rogue bush overdue for a date with the clippers. Our buckeye tree reached landfall sometime yesterday. Bit the dust, so to speak.

The same stoic tree that has graced our backyard for the last eighteen-plus years suffered some nasty structural damage from a wind storm last autumn. Deeply concerned, we called in an arboreal expert who told us that, yes indeed, "your tree got pretty screwed up."

Still, we held onto a delicate hope that this, our beautiful buckeye, would recover.

But sadly, it was not meant to be. As no one was around when it fell, the buckeye surely went down with nary a whisper, leaving us shocked later as we came across its broken remains. The damage from last fall was too much for the weakened trunk to hold up all that buckeye glory.

On the plus side, it did miss the garage and the fence during its descent to dog's green earth, so there's that.

Nothing to do about it, but celebrate the times we enjoyed its generous five-pointed leafy shade, then pay some stumper guy to knock down the rest of it.

Well, and root for Michigan now, I guess.

Things are getting dire around here.


So I look for the photos from last year's Buckeye disaster and see that it wasn't an autumnal wind storm, but it actually occurred last summer.

On July 14, 2013.

I didn't think this noteworthy until I looked at yesterday's date, when the buckeye tree gave up its last stand.

On July 15, 2014.


Anyhoo, portents and bad omens aside, here's what we had to deal with last summer. And yeah, that time it did hit the garage.

Dang it, I really liked that tree.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Punny Monday

Holly shares her sense of humor today with a couple of cringe-worthy dog puns. 

Apologies in advance.

Wait, it gets worse.

Dang, I think we can do better than this, right? Surely so, says Holly.

But don't call her Shirley.

See? Help me out here. Any better dog puns to offer up?

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: I'll keep an ear out

hero litter

You know, the older this pup gets, the easier this weekly photo thing is to pull off.

This week, not only can we offer up the lovely over-the-shoulder look above, but we gotcha a bonus shot of her hind side with a jaunty profile pose.

hero litter

Oh, and this next one because it made me laugh.

Holly, did you see where Jager got off to?

No, but I'll keep an ear out for him.

hero litter

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Kota

Hoagy, Harvest and Holly
Didja hear wab Foob Lady seb? asks Holly.

What? asks Harvest. Hey! Ow!

Holly lets go of her sister’s hind leg and clears a dog hair from her throat. [ahem] I said, she says, did you hear what Food Lady said? Hoagy's gonna come at lunchtime to play.

With her leg now free, Harvest tosses Holly on her back. She jumps on top and starts to gnaw on Holly’s front leg.  That's cool. says Harvest. We could use some fresh meat. You know, so to speak.

And something else, says Holly. Food Lady says we get to see the Kota too. Yikes! You’re biting too hard, Harvest! 

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing, says Harvest. Nom-nom-nom ha ha ha ha! Seriously though, what’s a Kota?

I dunno, shrugs Holly. But Food Lady told me we have to treat the Kota with ‘spect. I have no idea what that even means. My turn! Give me your leg.

Respect means [ow] we can’t chew on it, says Harvest. Maybe the Kota is a strappy sandal. Criminy, Holly! Stop using your back teeth!

No, the Kota isn’t a shoe, you toe-eater, says Holly. Food Lady says the Kota is a special kinda dog. She said it’s very powerful and uses mind powers to control other animals. Ow, that’s my ear! I think you hit bone that time.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Just don't call it a catwalk

Last week's Wordless Wednesday was an oxymoronic version, being that y'all were subjected to my lengthy lamentations about the change up of Holly's weekly photo shoot. Wordless it was not.

And like I didn't have enough challenges, what with the drizzling rain and shortage of dog cookies, but still I was presented with yet another task by a fellow puppy raiser.

You know, she says in a Facebook comment.  In your photo, Holly looks like she's ready for the runway. 

She ended the comment with a hashtag of AmericasNextTopDogModel.

And I respond with, Sure, just don't call it a catwalk.

But I can't just leave it there. Not me.

Oh hey, I continue. That gives me an idea. Next week, I'll have her walk down the sidewalk like she's a model on a runway. 

I just have to get the chalkboard in the background, I muse. And make sure everything's in focus since the pup will be a moving target.

Right, says fellow puppy raiser. You do that. With music.


Oh, no matter. All I have to do is the what I usually do.

Lower my standards.

And we present you with Holly at fifteen weeks.  Strutting her stuff on the dogwalk.

Music selection is the choice of the reader.

We suggest humming to the tune Puttin' on the Ritz.
If you're blue and you don't know where to go to
Why don't you go where fashion sits?
Puttin' on the ritz ...

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