Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Euka vs The Snowball

 Snowballs, says Euka. Are kinda weird to catch.

I mean, she continues, you think you've got the thing. Then afterwards, you're all ... was that it? Is that all there is? 


  1. God love her! She is so beautiful. Donna, when she is ready for her training, will she go to the Ohio CCI? Truly enjoy her photos...thank you...Melody & Hunter

  2. Hi Melody, we are in the final weeks with Euka. She'll return to CCi in May for her Advanced Training. And yep, Euka will be at the North Central Regional Center along with littermates Ella, Emma and Everett.

    I do believe this little girl is about ready, too.

    1. Oh Donna, your first sentence made me sad. We have grown to love Euka from afar and will miss reading your posts and seeing her beautiful pictures that you've taken. She is very special. Will you raise another? Hunter and I are praying we get a phone call for the May graduation on Long Island. It will be two years then since our acceptance. Keep your fingers crossed for us. Lots of hugs and kisses to Euka and a big heart felt hug to you for everything you do as a puppy raiser. Love, Melody


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