Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Watch Holly Grow - Month Nine

A cold, but gorgeous, winter day here in southwestern Ohio. As we prepare to close out the year and begin a new 2015 chapter in our life stories, we pause to capture one more moment in time.

Presenting Miss Holly at nine months.

And speaking of capturing moments in time, I've designed a photo collage of the weekly puppy photos we've taken of Holly since she showed up here last March.

From weeks eleven through twenty-nine, we can see the surprising changes as this tiny girl grows from an adorable cotton-puff to a beautiful creature. We started monthly photos at eight months.

Watch Holly grow, y'all.

raising a super dog
This photo collage is also on the
  Dog Hair is a Condiment Pinterest board
in a larger and easier to see format.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Good Stuff Journey 2014

There's no glory in living a life of regret. That's what I've been saying lately as life changes whirl about in my humble world.

Because we all choose to make risky choices, right? Even a calculated risk sometimes just doesn't work out the way we had envisioned. Maybe even took us back a step or two. We knew all that going in. But people ... what if it did work out?

What if?

Wasn't it worth just taking the chance at it?

raising a super dog
Because good sh*t happens to,you know.
And so at these roadblocks, we tighten our seatbelts to go rambling on to discover what happens on the Plan B path.

I find that it's not the risks I've taken that I regret later. Instead it's what I didn't do. Whether it was out of fear of the unknown, being too settled in my comfort zone, or simply doing a crappy job of not planning ahead, in the end it's the gray cloud of What If that comes to haunt me.

Oh sure, I could toss out a handful of for-instances. Stuff from missed deadlines to not snacking before going to the grocery. But that's not what's on my mind today.

I'm thinking about the 2013 Good Sh*t Jar.

With a rinsed out sauerkraut jar and some colorful scraps of paper, I recorded all the wonderful things that happened to our family during the year, no matter how minor the happy event.

We opened the jar on New Year's Day 2014 to read the notes. Dozens of slips of paper were stuffed in the happy aura inside that jar. Not one negative thought to spoil the bunch. What a way to begin the year.

So today I admit a regret of omission. I didn't start a 2014 Good Sh*t Jar.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Reindeer games

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. Santa called. He wants me to come over to play reindeer games with Rudolph.

I can go, right? The Cat told me Rudolph has a big red glow ball that I can play Keep Away with. He says Rudolph loves this game.

I need to get back in good with Santa. I think this is just the thing that'll do it, too. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Role model

Hol-Lee! I call. Here!

Time to go inside! I say, as if she can connect these words with an actual command. C’mon, we have to get to work, kid.

Here! I repeat. Because I’m hopeful like that.

Darn it, puppy.

We got us a bit of an attitude problem this week. Holly loves to come to work with me. She just doesn't like to leave the pet park to do it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Holly Berry

Holly Berry
Christmas '14
I swear, Pinterest will be my undoing.

Last winter I come across a pin of a gorgeous golden retriever sporting a Christmas wreath. That is so fetch [heh], I thought. I can make that happen.

So I buzz right on out to pick up a decorated wreath from our local grocery superstore.

The results of this quest are below. Both the mighty Micron and Euka demonstrate how Christmas wreaths are not really one-size-fits-all.  I shoulda used a wreath with a bigger head hole.

Which was an awkward thing to ask for when wreath shopping this year. You'd think the guys at the Christmas tree farm would use Pinterest.

But I was able to score one. A wreath with a bigger head hole, that is.

And here's our Miss Holly Berry to be my Pinterest rock star.

But what about the rest of the Hero Litter, you ask.  Ah, thanks for bringing that up, y'all. Canine Companions for Independence has posted a holiday update for these amazing pups. Click here for a Happy Holidays from the Hero Litter.

Christmas '13

Christmas '13

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Here we go ... again

Put on your thinking cat for a math test.

Wait, no. It’s more like a memory question. Gads, which is harder – figuring out a math problem or trying to remember where you left your favorite comfy shoes? But no worries, people. We’ll keep it simple. It’s what I’m good at.

1. What were you doing five years ago?
2. What has changed since then?

3. And dear God why can’t we have just one thing stay the same on this green earth for once?
The Mighty Micron
2009 version
Roll that around in your noggin for a couple of minutes. I’m good with waiting here. Actually I think I’ll toss a bag of popcorn in the microwave. That gives you an extra minute or so while I find a clean bowl.

Ok, you got it? What’d you come up with? Did you actually start to make a list, you over-achiever you? Once I greased the cogs to get the wheels turning, I counted off on my fingers the big changes, then took off my socks to tally the impending ground-shakers yet to come.

The time marker I gave of five years was not an arbitrary one. Because it was November 2009, a passing glance as life goes, that we launched Raising a Super Dog out to the great blogosphere with a Here We Go.

I really didn’t imagine this blogging gig to have lasted so long. Truth be told, my planning didn't extend past just sharing photos and stories with the other puppy raisers of Micron’s littermates. Then this weird thing happened.
2011 version
We started to get readers. Lots of ‘em, too.

Affirmation, y’all. It’s a gateway drug and it’s addictive. It doesn't take more than a couple I-liked-your-last-blog-post and you’re plugging into Google Analysis to check your stats several times a day to get your affirmation fix. And then you need more, so you get hooked on your score, even though you know it’s just a quick buzz and won’t last. You keep adding on the social media to increase readership. A Facebook page, Twitter account, Google+, and even, who knows why, you create a business Pinterest account to promote your website. Everything actually, except Instagram. Because that would be nuts.

A blink later, five years of your life has passed. And for what?

Over four hundred stories and a quarter million hits on your little niche blog, that’s what. It makes me teary-eyed, it does. Thanks y’all, for hangin’ with us on this journey of ours. Sloppy dog kisses to each one of you. Watch out for Micron, though. He’s bad about slipping you the tongue. Especially up a nostril.
Euka II
2012 version
Here on Raising a Super Dog we've shared the adventures of three puppies in training – Micron, Yaxley & Euka – from stinkin’ adorable balls of fluff to service-dogs in training. Puppy Number Five, the darling Miss Holly, is working hard to keep the stories coming to you, too.

But things change, don’t they? Nothing can stay the same for too terribly long.

So while we celebrate the anniversary of Raising a Super Dog, we also embrace the new and exciting stuff that is on another path not yet explored.

These next few months will challenge us with some adjustments to that ever delicate Work/Life/Volunteer Balance and I’m blessed that at least have a heads up on some of it. Being an unrepentant control freak, I just don’t do well when life slips through my fingers like warm Jello. Sure, I can do change. I just cope much better when it’s my own.

So here’s what I’m gonna do.

I’m deploying a new blog. A sister site to Raising a Super Dog.
2008 version

So I’m reading this great book. The protagonist at one point waves her hand and says “Go. Do. Be.” The scene and these three very simple words went bouncing about in my neurons.

Do your thing, people. Be an active participant of your own life, right? It’s your hands that are on the steering wheel, of course.

And amid all the GPS redirections that we encounter [recalculating], one thing in my journey has not changed. 

 Sharing my life with purpose-driven dogs. It's kinda a passion of mine.
2014 version
So today I’m ridiculously thrilled to announce the launch of Go. Do. Be Dog: Living a purpose driven life with dog hair on my clothes.

Won’t you join us as we explore the wonderful stuff that is the Human/Animal Bond?

Some stories will be cross-posted across both blogs sites as we get things up and running. But later Go. Do. Be Dog. will be a stand-alone site, featuring guest bloggers and stories on the positive impact of having these remarkable canines at our sides.

Check it out and let me know what you think [**coff coff**affirmation**coff**]. Even better, pop me a note if you have your own story to share.
Click here: Go. Do. Be Dog.

Sloppy dog kisses to everyone.

You see? I told you to watch for tongue. The sly devil.
Pucker up, baby
The mighty Micron
Current version

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Deck the dog
I'm so drinking the tree water

Excuse me as I break out into song.


Deck the dog with bells and antlers
Fa la la la la la bark bark bark

Yep. Now the season can begin, y'all.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Turkey Sit

A slightly belated birthday to the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter.

Holly and her littermates should have received a hearty Happy Eight Month Birthday greeting a few days ago on November 18. But the day came and went without a peep from us here.

Kind of like the movie Sixteen Candles, but without all that teenage awkwardness.

Because there's nothing awkward about Miss Holly now. Just look at her surrounded by her aura of grace and poise.

Sure, mostly nothing awkward. Do take notice of those back legs of hers, willya.

Oh my.

What brought this posture about? The chilly earth? Emulating a roast turkey in advance of the upcoming holiday? The desire to comply with the Sit command real good now?

Maybe simply a reminder that, at eight months old, Miss Holly is still a puppy.

Just in a bigger body.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Frosted blonde

Frosted blonde
Never mind the annual immersion into the Christmas holiday season, we haven’t even yet attended the November Family Dinner & Floor Show that some of you refer to as Thanksgiving. There must be someone we can talk to about this, right? A sound snowstorm in early November fell upon our little corner of Ohio leaving us with a sense of dread. You know the one … how you wished you’d taken the time last weekend to pick up all the recycled dog food in the backyard.

Now it’s a game of chance out there.

And the odds are against you and the shoes you walked in on.

Our Miss Holly was thrilled with this autumnal plot twist, she was. A natural California blonde, and just a young thing at that, this was her first experience with a frozen and frosty backyard.

In our time as volunteer puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence, that is our fifth yellow fluffer that we’ve introduced to the magical stuff that is Ohio snow. I have to admit, each one is much like the last.

Joy and discovery and running and sniffing and the obligatory my-nose-is-a-snowplow.

I’ll never get tired of watching this.

holly's first snow
Those are autumn leaves in the snow,
not poo landmines.
I think.
Va...roooom ... ba!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Happy Gotcha Day, you jerk

Happy Gotcha Day

You're gonna just love this cat, I tell The Husband.

Oh?, he says.

Huh. What is this? Do I detect a wary tone of skepticism in that Oh? He doesn't trust my judgment in the assessment of feline goodness, perhaps. Or I could just be paranoid. There's always that.

No, really, I insist. I've never seen a cat with a personality like this before. He's so ... tough. Or something.

I struggle to put a label on this cat. But I give it a try. 

Well, he's kinda like the honey badger of the cat world, I say. He just doesn't give a .... you know.

So if I'm understanding this correctly, says The Husband. You're just letting me know that you're bringing a very short sociopath into our home. With built in weaponry.

Bah. You're gonna love him, I repeat.

This was three years ago, November of 2011, that we welcomed the Benevolent Ruler of Sword House into our family.

And sure, Bodine can be a jerk sometimes. But in his defense, he needs to have this cast iron temperament to survive mind and body among the canine-related activities here.

Sharing space with two adult dogs, and a quasi-annual rotation of Canine Companions for Independence puppies, a little fella needs to have an attitude bigger than himself.

And he does.

In spades.

So after I pick up the paperwork Bodine just knocked off the desk, we'll celebrate his third Gotcha Day with our family.

We love you, Bodine, you little jerk.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Beauty and Brains and Love

How old is your puppy? asked the Bob Evans server. She stoops down to look under the table at our pup in training.

Puppy Euka is alert amid the activity of this noisy - and aromatic -  environment, but she's content to hold her Down like the good girl she is. Beauty and brains, this one.

She's almost seven months, I said.

Wow, you're lucky, said the server. You got a good one then. My boyfriend's little brother has a service dog. It's three years old and can't stay still. He'd never be able to get it to lie under a restaurant table like that.



Huh, is that so? I say. Where did he get his service dog from? 

Oh, well, says our server. And she names a local assistance dog organization that's not CCI, but another one we know about.

Gotcha, I say. You know, if the dog needs more training, I'm sure the organization will provide it.

I actually don't know this is true. I hope it is.

My boyfriend's little brother has autism, so the dog's for that, she said. They don't need the dog so much when they go out. 

The Husband lowers his menu to catch my eye. I know that look. It says, go easy on the chick. The only thing between me and my lunch right now is your impending lecture.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ghosts like toast

I would have thought the dogs would alert
To another presence in which to flirt
Nothing but silence as I left the room
No portent of dismay, nor omen of doom
All was right with my breakfast upon the desk
A simple warm up of the cuppa was my quick task
So upon return, it surprised me most
To make the discovery that ghosts like toast

I walk into the dining room to set my fresh cup o'joe on the table. Another glorious work-from-home day, of which I am one lucky chick to have, and I'm setting the scene for a productive morning.  

A cup of my very own special-brewed version of Cowboy Coffee, a slice of peanut butter toast and a peaceful aura emanating from the still sleeping dogs. Gonna be a good day, Scooter.

Well, I pass by two sleeping dogs. Jager is at the table and does a quick spin around when I return. He is obviously going through great effort to appear casual. If dogs could whistle, he'd be puckered up.

Um, I say. What's going on?

Happy Halloween from Miss Holly

donna black-sword

Happy Halloween, y'all.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: The devil you say

At seven months old, Holly's growth is more mental than physical at this point.

I may be handy with the camera, but it's a challenge to capture the essence of her gray matter maturing as it is. So now would be a good time to adjust the weekly Holly photos to a once-a-month kinda schedule.

And speaking of the Canon, I should have put that word handy in air quotes.

What is the number one rule of photographers? What? I don't know. I was hoping you did. Anyway, one of the big rules is ... watch your background.

Don't wait until you've uploaded your photos on the laptop before you notice there's a pumpkin stem growing from your puppy's head. Or that rogue propane tank that's messing with the mood of your fall scene.

Propane tanks are so summer.

And wait, what on dog's green earth is that in the window?  Son of a ... that's Cap'n Windy. How did she get on the porch when I had her decorating the living room in her Halloween getup.

Not everybody in this house [coff husband coff]appreciates the company of Cap'n Windy, I guess. Well, no matter. I brought her back in where she can be enjoyed by all.

What is this thing?

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Dealing with loss

I know, I know. Things have been rather quiet around here on the dog blog. Nuthin’ but the song of crickets over the past week.

But you see, we've had a loss.

Unexpected and sudden as these things tend to go. One moment, you’re thinking about dinner plans … think we’ll oven fry some chicken breasts tonight … and then, everything changes.

It was an unreliable gate to the dog park that couldn't withstand the strength of a setter’s prey drive of a distraction. And then the driver that wasn't expecting a dog to cross his path.

And my Favorite Kid was faced with making the impossible decision that all who are Lovers of All Things Dog hope we never have to make.

The right thing to do is, too many times, the most difficult.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Curse You, Red Baron

Bring it, Red Baron
No really. Bring it. Food Lady wants pizza.

Micron! cries Holly. She runs into the kitchen where The Mighty is licking the last of the peanut butter from inside his Kong toy.

You'll never guess what I did today! says Holly. Never in a gazillion dog years! Guess!

Sounds like the odds are against me, says Micron. But whatever it was, I know it didn't involve a peanut butter Kong on the sofa. So there.

Ooh, peanut butter Kong, sighs Holly.

Yeah, says Micron.

Dang, says Holly. But listen to this! I got to fight the Red Baron today!

You fought a frozen pizza? asks Micron. Who won?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Put treat here

Let's save some time, says Holly. Just put the treats ... here.

And this is how you train the trainer, people.  Another weekly photo shoot and a pocket full of dog cookies.  Holly is learning to respond to Cookie! as well as she does her name.

We'll be weaning her from this expectation now. I mean, for goodness sake, the pup knows how to Sit and Stay.

And to look at the camera on cue. It's just that the cue is a dog cookie.

Holly can certainly work it for the camera with the proper motivation. Here she is in a Nice Sit/Stay, all alert with ears perked.

Because I'm making wolf howl-y noises to keep her attention. You just gotta go with what works in this gig.

By the way, check out last week's photo to see our nearly leaf free backyard. Thanks to the sycamore, with leaves as large as dinner plates, we get to witness the very act of season falling upon us.

Want to see a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Loving Autumn

Do you love autumn as much as I do? Refusing to start the furnace just yet in these cooler temps, we did start up the fireplace in the evening. Even without the wood smoke, the air even smells different this time of year.

If you're on Pinterest, I've started two boards to capture the essence of this season of fire and color. Give us a click and repin anything that may speak to you.

Loving Autumn on Pinterest.

The spirit of Halloween on Pinterest.

And of course there are dogs there, too.  Canine photos pinned among the falling leaves and smiling pumpkins.

Look closely and you might even catch a glimpse of the elusive Banana Dog.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Fog alert

How cool is that, I think as I check the morning weather by way of the west facing kitchen window.

A foggy dewscape this morning.

I wipe the sleep boogers from Holly's eyes and walk her outside with an edgy and mood laden photo in mind.

And instead get a rather underexposed shot for my troubles.

Gloomy's a mood, right?

But no matter. We'll wait things out for this week's birthday photo.

And a few hours later, I wipe the sleep boogers from Holly's eyes for the second time today as she awakens from her afternoon nap and we once again head outside to the awaiting blackboard.

And we find that the Golden Hour offers up a backdrop that's a bit more uplifting for our sunny girl's personality.

Twenty eight weeks old now.


Want to see a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Clean slate

Welp, back to repurposing the buckeye stump as our weekly birthday photo prop. I had to have The Husband take the chain saw to it to give us a clean slate, so to speak.  Funny thing that the chalkboard markers don't wash off the tree stump. Didn't say anything about that on the package.

And there's some sort of post-apocalyptic vibe about this photo. Do you feel it too?

Holly's ruffled fur and the rustic, damaged backdrop beg for a back story. Her intensely focused eyes have that hungry I could eat that look.  True that, as there be a dog cookie suspended nearby to hold her attention, as witnessed by the reflection in her deep brown orbs.

Speaking of, did you know that, if left to their own resources, a dog would eat sawdust?

It's my daily fiber, says Micron.

Spit it out, says I.

Want to see a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

One degree off the normal scale

I have every intention of eating these sticks.
When I declare my dog as one degree off the normal scale of things, most times I get an askance look of skepticism.

Aw, c'mon, is the usual response. Only one degree?

Well, I gotta say, he is one of a kind, the mighty Micron.

We all think our dogs are unique, don't we?  And of course, you're right in this observation because really, who knows your dog better than you?

Nobody, that's who.

We live with these critters and by going through the circadian rhythm of eating, walkies and evening cuddle time, we get to know every nuance and behavior of our canine companions. So that if they should do something a bit off point, we find ourselves surprised at the change in behavior.

And it's the same for The Mighty. This dog has been part of my life for nearly five years now. We welcomed him in our home in November 2009 as an eight week old cotton ball and, except for three months in Advanced Training at Canine Companions for Independence, he's been hanging around here eating my food, napping in the office, and generally leaving dog hair all over the place.

I think we both know each other fairly well by now. Both of with secrets about the other that we'll never tell. That's a partnership, people.

To recognize Micron's impending birthday this week (he turns five on Tuesday), we'll share with you five Micron-isms that can only be this one awesome dog o'mine.

1. Micron does this wink thing. 

Hey girl. You must be my backyard
because I'm really digging you.
What a flirt with this one-eyed Hey Ladies slow wink he does.

As a puppy, I would insist our veterinarian put on her special microscope glasses to inspect his root-beer orbs. A rogue eyelash? Some foreign object adrift in there? No, she says. I actually have no idea.

Still today, he winks at me. I wink back. And he returns the wink.

Back and again we go. It just never gets old.

This behavior reminds me of the empathy game we did for Dognition last fall, which involved an experiment to see if Micron could "catch" a yawn from me.

Spoiler alert ... he didn't.

But this winking thing we've got going on is a whole nuther animal, so to speak.

I pretend it's code for I love you. 

Because, you know, if it is I don't want to not say it back.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Holly's stumped

Raising a Super Dog

Well, you know what they say around here.

When life hands you a lemon, you add a lime or two and make yourself a nice, chilled Sangria.

And then you sit on the patio and make a toast to the memory of your favorite Buckeye tree.

[sniffle] I loved that stupid tree.

We knew the buckeye was a goner after the trunk split from windstorm damage back in July.

And The Husband took the chainsaw to the rest of it. Right down to the nub.

Anyhoo, nothing to do about it but make a photo op outa the thing.

In lieu of the blackboard this week, we gotcha Holly stumping her twenty six week birthday announcement.


Want to see a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Six Month Interview

It was on this day, two years ago, that the world welcomed eight new yellow packages of puppy goodness.

And our hearts melted at the sight of them.

Remember this? We spent the next eight weeks watching them on the Eukanuba Livestream as the tiny critters opened their eyes and ears to brand new experiences. Then in a blink, they were off to their puppy raisers for socialization and training for the next eighteen months.

This past May, our Extraordinary E's - Emma, Everett, Ella, Elmo, Euka II, Emily, Ethan, and Eliza - returned to Canine Companions for Independence to enter the Advanced Training program to learn the ways of being highly trained Assistance Dogs.

Euka II ready for
Advanced Training at CCI
When we were nearing the end of our volunteer puppy adventures with Miss Euka, I sat her down for a James Lipton-esque interview. Using those familiar ten interview questions offered up by Mr. Lipton, we got a inside view of our little polar bear celebrity.

Of course we know that Miss Euka needs to focus on her education and so is not available for a follow-up interview on today, her second birthday. There'll be time for all that later after training has been completed and her destiny determined.

No worries, y'all. Holly has stepped up and said she'd be glad to talk about herself with you instead. You see, she has a birthday coming as well.

The Hero litter, born on March 18 this year, will be six months old on Thursday.

So lessee here ... in dog years, the Heros are something around seven years old.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Temptations

Holly poses for her weekly shot at the scene of Micron's misadventures.

She is doing a fine job of turning her head away from the delights found in one's patio herb garden. No noshing upon the cherry tomatoes or jalapeno peppers.

Sure, it helps that Micron ate them all already.

Still, some credit is due here. She didn't even look for anything to roll around in her mouth.

Growing up, y'all.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Garden Salsa

Do you know why I pulled you over? asked the Dayton City cop.

The Husband doesn't respond at first to those least favorite eight words of the wayfarer. He's focused on going through the preliminaries of getting out his license.

Well, continues the City's Finest. To tell you the truth, I normally wouldn't have bothered with someone just a couple miles over the speed limit like you were. But since you passed me, I just can't let it go.

And that's it. A matter of maintaining street cred. We're moving down a four lane road, this section of State Route 35, and we actually did pass this cop just as he charged. Guilty and guilty, can't deny it.

We drove away a few minutes later with a well-rehearsed tongue lashing, not suffering ticket for our trouble. But we didn't tell him about the precious cargo in the enclosed bed of our Chevy S-10 truck. Enough delay already.

Because we're on our way to the only emergency veterinary clinic in the Miami Valley area.

This all came to happen a few years ago with Jack the Wonder Dog. Our impulsive, garbage overturning, dead bird eating friend. I had come home from work to find our young dog nearly unresponsive on the kitchen floor.

A panicked call to the vet's office (His gums are white? He's gone into shock; get him to the emergency clinic) and we wrapped the big guy in blankets and carried him to the truck for the trek across town.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: A majestic air


So serious, this Holly puppy, with a touch of a majestic air about her like an aura.

Naw, just kidding, y'all.

This is Holly.

Not a prob. I was done taking photos anyway. Silly girl.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ask me about my grand-dog

Here are my grand-kids, says my sister, holding out her smart phone for all to see.

Ooh, we say. Aaah. The phone slowly passes by in an arc for the benefit of those seated at the kitchen table.

Well, that's only some of them, she continues. A couple of swipes with an index finger and now we're provided a look at a few more kids in various poses of eating, swimming, and even one in mid-tantrum.


I sit quietly, as I do at these events, clutching my own smart phone in my lap. If anyone's ready to see photos of dogs, I'm your girl.

Oh wait! I remember now. I have a grand-dog. Heck yes, people. Nobody leave yet, cuz I have family photos too. Hang on a sec and I'll pull them up.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Some dogs want to see their name in lights

Some dogs, with aspirations of celebrity-dom, want to see their name in lights. Other dogs have a different value system.

From Canine Companions for Independence's Facebook page ...

It’s National Dog Day and to celebrate, we are launching the#kibblenamegame! Harpo is calling out some of her siblings from theEukanuba #HeroLitter Hala, Hoagy, Holly and Hudson. Post videos/photos of your dogs and call out their four-legged friends.TAG #ccicanine #NDD

What's this now, Harpo? A challenge, you say?

Game On, sister, says Holly.

I accept your challenge, she says. And will add my weekly birthday shot to it. 

And..., Holly continues. I will stamp my own style to the event by attempting the splits, puppy style, while Food Lady is fussing around with her stoopid camera. I'm betting this morning's breakfast that she doesn't even notice.

Later, as Holly is crunching her breakfast, I recall the Kibble Name Game we did with Euka before she returned to CCI for her Advanced Training. Gotcha a link below for that photo and more.

But here's even another version of just how good these CCI puppies are.

Here's our Miss Euka at her Matriculation Party we had at P&G Pet Care back in May.  Euka poses with a section of her face cake.

Not a drop of icing on her nose. Good Leave It, you awesome dog.

Yowza, says Euka. I even
look good in frosting.

For an earlier collection of Kibble Name Challenges, be sure to click to our link to a slideshow of The Kibble Name Game here at Raising a Super Dog.

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