Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: He had one line

Can someone look at my tag, please? I forgot my name again.

We practiced his line that morning. His one line. 

Micron: Ger-woof!

Micron was tasked with ruffing an affirmation to the host of our Indie film at the Eukanuba headquarters. A fun and informative short film clip presented as a lead in to our corporate meeting this week.

Just a Woof on command. That's all he had to do.

Now this dog is not only proficient in the Speak command, but he actually knows two Speaks. Hold on, I'm gonna grab a doughnut while you pick your jaw off the floor.

Ok, y'all. I'm back.

So Micron can do Soft Speak for his indoor voice.  And Loud Speak for pants wetting volume.  He's awesome about being bilingual like that.

Still we practiced his line that morning. His one line. And when his moment in the limelight was nigh, I'm off stage right holding aloft a dog cookie and Micron!, I whisper. Speak Loud!

[crickets chirping]

Is this how the Toddlers with Tiaras moms feel?* This burning disappointment in their guts? C'mon, it's one bloody line.

After a few takes and some flapping gums air barks, we get it. The camera crew has dropped to my personal standard of that's good enuf and the thing is a wrap.

But ... where did we go wrong, I mulled later in my mental debriefing. Oh! Then it clicked.

We didn't practice the command while Micron was sitting in a blue chair.  And that's exactly it, you know. So yeah, Micron's noggin is bi-lingual, but his butt only speaks carpet. See, that makes sense, right?

*Disclaimer:  I've never actually watched that show, but I saw the previews and those moms looked like horrible people, so don't judge me too harshly on that one.


  1. The joys of 'live' performances with a dog!

    1. After the umpteenth time one of the dogs liberated himself from his chair Stay, I looked at the camera guy and said "So, they say dogs and children are the worst to work with, right?" hahahaha.

      I just get that tight lipped smile from him. Guess stage moms are a pain in his patoot too.

  2. How COOL! can wait to see the video. "Good Enuf" :-) Happy BlogPaws WW. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Ah, the "good enuff rule"....we know that well. Happy WW, Oz

    1. Happiness is pretty much reliant upon lowered standards, when you really get down to it. Well, it's worked out for me. Most of the time. Um, much of the time? A few times?

  4. I can sooo appreciate this story!! It's still funny though.

    1. I was flustered at the filming, especially after all the bragging I did beforehand (why don't I ever learn?). The crew was pretty kind through it all, though. Nobody yelled at the stage moms and no one cried either. So all in all, it went pretty well. I had a feeling I'd laugh about it later


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