Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: They smell kind of like Frito's too.

She's still there, isn't she?

Micron is excited about the impending Halloween celebration this afternoon at P&G Pet Care.  Really, he is.  This is his oh-my-dog-bring-on-the-kids face. See it?

Well, he'll perk up in a couple of hours anyway.  Sure enough, as soon as the offspring of we P&G'ers start trolling through the office in their finest holiday wear, Micron will be all over this thing.

Trick or treat! Smell my feet!, says Micron. No really, smell 'em, kids. They smell just like popcorn balls.

Oh, not to worry, little ones. We gotcha some chocolate bars, too. 


  1. Heehee - Frito feet! Too cute. Hope he has fun at the party!

  2. give me something good to eat! he is excited on the inside. :)


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