Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Euka Flash

When we started raising our second puppy for Canine Companions for Independence, the mighty Micron, eventually we fell into a groove for this gig.

That is, we started some things that became traditions.

Like the One Year photo shoot at Flash Photography of Dayton.

So we have some shots to share with y'all of our lovely Euka showing poise amidst personality.

She just has that look, right?  Like the wheels are turning in that noggin, the fire's burning bright, she's not one slice short of a loaf?  A clever one, our Miss Euka.

Taken on September 14, 2013, her first birthday.

Ok, one outtake for you.  Look! Look!, says Euka. I'm doing a Micron!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Justyn, we sure do like having her around. This puppy has just been an adventure these past few months. Happy WW to you and Molly.

  2. Oh Euka, you have the most gorgeous lab face I've ever seen. (And I always have said mine had the best face!) Perfectly boxy. . .if that makes any sense.

    1. She has a delicate beauty, in a labby way. How does one properly describe a pretty head like hers?

      Thanks for stopping by. Happy WW to you!


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