Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Ohio E's celebrate their first birthday

The Ohio E's of the Canine Companions for Independence celebrated their first birthday on September 14, 2013.  We've gotcha some photos of these amazing dogs on their special day for y'all to enjoy.
Let's start with a shot of our cutie patooties at 8-weeks old, shall we?

Left to right: Ella, Everett, Emma, Euka

Then fasten your seatbelts for a fast forward another ten months to their one-year birthday.  Same cuties, same stone bench.

Clockwise from top left: Emma, Euka, Ella, Everett

Clockwise from top left: Emma, Euka, Ella, Everett
Ok, back in time again.  Here's Emma and Euka at their breeder caretaker's house before they came to Ohio.  Emma looks a bit distressed at Euka's antics, right? 

Some things don't change.

Then we have some close ups of our Ohio E's on their special day.


Euka II

and Everett

Wishing a very happy first birthday, our extraordinary E's.

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