Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Dognition Profiles

I say I'm a Stargazer, says Micron. But Food Lady
told me not to stare at the sun. She just doesn't get
me sometimes.
An Einstein or Maverick?  Charmer or Socialite? 

I'm curious which of the nine Dognition profiles will identify the mighty Micron's sunny personality.

In our last post, Micronition, we covered our experience in completing the first set of exercises in the Empathy set. 

We yawned and locked eyes and barked.  Well, the golden boy and me are bonded, to be sure. But maybe not that much. He didn't yawn and I didn't bark. But the eye contact thing indeed have us in a mind meld kinda thing.

The next section of Communication is coming up in our next Story Sunday post. But in the meantime, I'll share with y'all the options awaiting us when this is all completed.

Dognition will tally up the responses we've provided from each set of exercises and then give Micron his final assessment. Along with a detailed report, he gets a personality badge of sorts.   

Take a look here and let's see what you think.  I'm taking a wild guess myself at where Micron may end up. 

Drop a comment with your prediction.  I'm really curious to see where this all shakes out.

Dognition Profiles


From the Dognition website:

Why 9 Profiles?


  1. Oooo, fun! Can't wait to do my dogs' profiles!

    1. Happy Birthday Euka! Can't believe you're one today!!!

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