Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Good Bass Door

Why did you call me a Good Bass Door? asks Euka.  I don't even know what that means. So if I'm doing well at being one, I'm pretty sure it's by accident.

I said, says I, you are a good ambassador for CCI, Euka. And even if you're not one on purpose, it's certainly no accident.

Are you even talking Doglish? asks Euka. Because nothing you've just said includes anything like Cookie, Walk or Euka Don't! I have no idea what you're going on about.

I mean, I say, that you are representing CCI very well today at this morning's fundraiser. You and Carter both. For young puppies, you two are heads and withers above the average dog. Your calm greetings and interaction with folk shows how extraordinary CCI dogs are.  People notice this stuff.

It can't hurt that we're so blindingly good looking too, says Euka.

I look at our little diva and sigh. I don't have a response for that, really.  It's true their very golden presence here at the fundraiser gets the attention of passersby. It's part of the package that of that very important first impression.

Handsome, smart and using their gifts for the greater good.  Well done, pups, very well done.

Euka is 10 months, Carter is 6 months. Two impressive spokesdogs for CCI.


  1. You are definitely great ambassadors! Good work!

  2. Looking good with their signage! Still so young but looking quite composed.

    1. Hi Marcie, I do like that tri-fold for CCI. Another volunteer put that together and did a fine job of it. And the pups honestly couldn't have done a better job, so proud. Happy WW to ya!

  3. You always impress us, Ms. Euka... so, so beautiful. Melody

    1. Hi Melody, thanks so much for stopping by. So good to hear from you.


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