Sunday, October 28, 2012

A vengeful spirit

Here to serve as comic relief after that ghost story post is Banana Dog. Jager's snappy costume from a couple of years ago, one in which he agreed to be a good sport about it all.  Here's my dignity, y'all, says Jager. At least she lets me carry it around on a stick.

But the vengeful little spirit got me back by unloading himself about a half mile into our trick-or-treat walk through the 'burb.  And so I got to carry a steaming bag of shame all the way back home.  Dang, Jager, I gag out. What'd ya eat for dinner tonight, a possum or something? 

And anyway, I continue as a family with a Sponge Bob kid gives us a wide berth. You went before we even left our yard.

Nanner nanner, says Jager.


  1. We pups don't get mad, we get even. Have a great costume free day. Lee and Phod

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