Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Caption This (Bodine Edition)

Here is Bodine, the cat who fears nothing and blames the dogs for everything. Noting that casual pose with the elbow resting on the detective book, he reminds of a feline Sherlock Holmes.  It's rather elementary, you stoopid dogs.

I might caption this Whodunit, indeed.

Other thoughts?


  1. Nothin' smarter than a cat with lots of 'book learnin'...what a sweet photo!

  2. Some responses when I posted this on Facebook . . .

    1. You got a problem with what I'm reading?

    2. From the Dos Equis commercials featuring the Most Interesting Man in the World:

      He's won trophies for his insticts alone, If you got a purr out of him you would put it on your resume', Even dogs admire him, He is . . . the Most Interesting Cat in the World.

    3. How cute is he!! When I read the title of todays blog.... I thought maybe you invented another species... canine, feline and bodine!


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