Sunday, February 12, 2012

Milk, bread, eggs . . .

It's Sunday and that means grocery day for this fur-besotted household. I shuffle through the ads in the Dayton Daily for the oh-so-valuable coupons and sit to make the weekly list of various and sundry items.

Cat belly
But alas, another ill-fated attempt at domesticity. I find it physically, and spiritually, impossible to write out the list of goods.

Bodine claims it has been nearly fifteen minutes since anyone has paid him homage and he will not be ignored.
What to do, but give him the respect and admiration this benevolent ruler of dogs deserves?

Cat butt

Cat noggin
Aw, c'mon Bodine. You just spent all morning tormenting Micron's tail. Do you really need this much attention?

I just want to make a grocery list, Bodine.
You know, I really don't think he can read.  And yet, Bodine had the instinctual need to end the fun I was having at his expense.
Nom nom nom

Well heck, I go the grocery pretty much every week. Lists are for sissies.

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