Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Caption this photo

This Micron when he was a tiny fellow. So new, so pure. Like a fluffy cotton-ball with needle sharp puppy teeth.  (Remember Mogwai rules? Don't get 'em wet, no bright light and don't feed after midnight. Or your adorable Gizmo critter turns into a gremlin.)

And on the right is Jager. Who continues in his role as a professional victim.

I had titled this photo "Land Shark."  But what other captions can we come up with here? Drop a comment should something come to mind.


  1. we call that move the 'snapping pa-ra-nah' you gotta say it like the dentist's niece from finding nemo

  2. All I can hear is the Jaws theme...

  3. Carrie & Waffle, yup I'm hearing it. My kid tells me I'm too "old" to love Nemo as much as I do. And that I have a little plastic Nemo, gimpy fin and all, on my keyring is over the top. I disagree, of course. Who doesn't love Nemo?

  4. Pup Fan, absolutely! That tail looks like a dorsal fin to me. And poor Jager is the unsuspecting Christi just out for an evening swim.


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