Sunday, November 27, 2011

He's goin' for the dog cookies!

WoofWishes Christmas Card
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Last year we participated in a holiday card exchange with other CCI puppy raisers, graduates and supporters of this fine organization. Facilitated by a fellow puppy raiser, the rules were straight forward - you need to sign up to participate, agree to mail out a holiday photo to everyone on the distribution, and (rather important) have a dog of some sort. A working dog, Change of Career dog, pup in training or even just your favorite household pet. Easy nuff.

Going to the mailbox became a day brightener over the otherwise dreary wintertime. Tossing aside holiday catalogs and bills, I would fish out all the personal envelopes to check out the gorgeous dogs gracing the front of photo cards. We received over seventy cards last year, which I pasted onto the outside of my office cubicle for everyone to enjoy. Folk came from afar to view the Wall of Dog. (A bit more heart warming than the previous Wall of Death, when I had tacked up the eviscerated bodies of every stuffed toy a certain nameless dog had cheerfully disemboweled.) 

If this is some kind of contest for the best lookin' dog,
I feel kinda sorry for the other guys.

This year, I couldn't wait to sign up again. I chose two photo card designs from Shutterfly; one is pictured above. Photo credits go to Flash Photography of Dayton. Snarky comment is courtesy of me via Photoshop.

My grand plan is same as before. This will get posted on the cube wall in my new office for everyone to view and enjoy all the holiday dog goodness. And I had actually motivated myself to scrapbook these things last year, sorting the dogs by state. Will do that again, I think. A lofty goal, but certainly achievable over the Christmas break. Especially, if I give up other recreational activities, like sleeping and paying attention to the family.

Looking forward to some furry holiday cheer in the mailbox over the next few weeks.

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