Monday, September 5, 2011

So. Where y'all from?

Business cards by Moo

What must dogs think when they see us human beans shake hands when we meet?  What's the point, Yaxley says, you can't learn any family history from that body part.  The obligatory dog greeting involves a good solid moment with nose to nether region to ask the age old question of so, where y'all from? * 

I call that dogs trading business cards.

Which is kinda appropriate as that's part of the culture of BlogPaws '11. Trading business cards in the literal sense, of course. To prepare for my trip to BlogPaws, I tried to catch all the tips on how to make the most of the two days. For networking, they say, bring your business cards with your website on it.

Fabulous idea!  Now what, though?  I'm not a fancy girl and certainly don't have such things at hand. A quick online search for affordable, yet quality choices left me just a bit overwhelmed. Ugh, I don't have the attention span for this.

Then I found Moo.

Oh, the magic of Moo.  I can use my own photos and design the card with the information I want to use. Full color printing and heavy card stock and everything. I used the same contact info on the front, but had eleven of my photos printed randomly on the reverse side. Cool, cool, cool.

If you decide to check them out, use this link:  Moo Discount.  This will get you a 10% discount on your first order. In return, I get Moo Points for another order. Oh yes, Moo. You'll be hearing from me again.

So while Yaxley shared family heritage with his new four legged pals, I met some incredible people. These are like-minded folk; we all share very similar goals. Pet lovers, all of us, we are looking to raise awareness of the causes that have us so passionate about our work. Welfare of animals, enhancement of lives, therapy work, service dogs, and on. The world is a better place because of what these dogs, cats and other animals can do.

And we want everyone to know. So we blog.  But the world has to know we're here, doesn't it?  Or else this blogging thing isn't truly effective. Let me share some websites with you. Please check them out as you have time, won't you? A click on the titles will provide the website link.

Preston Speaks
A blog from a Westie's point of view
Hello world!  My Name is Preston and I’m a west Highland Terrier (A westie) and welcome to my very own website-  My official AKC name is Sir. Preston Peabody but I only am called that when I’m in really big trouble with my mommy and daddy.  I am a two and half years old and I live in Western Kentucky. I have three brothers and sisters who are cats but they aren’t very friendly to me sometimes.  Mommy says I’m too jumpy and they don’t like to play the same way I do.

Tango and Sparkles are fire safety dogs helping to save the lives of children. Tango is on Facebook, too. Firefighter Dayna, along with Tango, is available for public events for the education of fire safety.

We know you love pets; we do too! We search the web for the best articles, videos, blog posts, cartoons and more, all about pets and we share them with you. Be the first to know about The Pet Wiki's new articles and daily animal facts.  Also on Facebook.

The Daily Corgi
Life is short. Get the biscuits! Laurie Eno offers up a new Corgi story every weekday, heaping helpings of video biscuits and extra fun photos, twice-a-year fundraisers to benefit the Corgis, and the annual Daily Corgi Calendar -- featuring nearly 300 readers' Corgis!

These bunny butts are also on Facebook.

What? That's not enough corgi for you? Then take a look at Elizabeth Keene's Chronicles of Cardigan. 

(A shout out to these two lovely ladies and a warm thanks for letting Yaxley and I share the Spooky Buddies experience with you.)

If you love puppies, and you know it, read this blog. Pup Fan blogs about pup culture, pop culture, cupcakes, and anything else that strikes her fancy. Her motto? Puppies = Serenity Now.

Papua Piig

Live guinea pig webcam, news, events and activities

Animal advocacy, pet rescue and shelters, photo contests, pet stories

Your Pet's View
Passionate pets raising the passion within you.

Ok, so these are merely a few of the folk we ran into that made the BlogPaws experience what it was. An amazing community.

Now let's go make the world a better place - one blog at a time.

* One of my favorite jokes . . .
A southern belle travels to a big city up north to attend a party where she meets a society lady. The friendly southerner asks, So, where y'all from
The society lady sniffs and answers, we're from where we don't end our sentences with a preposition.  
The southern belle takes a sip of her drink, then rephrases her question. 
So. Where y'all from . . . bitch?


  1. Hi, there, from Jon Farleigh, Dewi and me! :) It was great meeting you and Yaxley. And too bad my boys had to start a barking rant in the movie. :( So glad you came by my blog...I've been staring neglectfully at my little stack of business cards from BlogPaws - especially the one with Yaxley's face on it.:)

    P.S. I once gave a girlfriend a b-day card with that joke on it. I'm not sure she appreciated it as much as I did in the store. It made me crack up outloud. :)

  2. Hi Donna,
    Schatzi and I enjoyed meeting you and Yaxley @BlogPaws. Did Yaxley enjoy the Spooky Buddies movie as much as the other dogs there? It was funny to hear them all cheer on the puppies, as needed. I look forward to staying connected with you.

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