Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's not even Halloween yet and you're talking about Christmas?

Did you know that you could subscribe to e-news from Canine Companions for Independence? You can have the latest Super Dog derring-do sent directly to your email. Being a rabid CCI supporter, of course I had signed up for this some time ago. Maybe rabid supporter is a poor choice of words being dog related and all; we'll just say that I feel pretty passionate about CCI's mission.

So I get the latest e-newsletter, an email titled A Pup for All Seasons. Ooh, the 2011 Calendar is out. Gotta order that. And the 2010 Holiday Cards.  I'm all over that one, too.  Let's go shopping! 

And . . . what's this?

I holler over to my office cube mate, "Mary Ann do you have a sec to look at something?"  Of course she does.  I keep chocolate at my desk.  I point a hesitant finger to the laptop screen and say, "I think that's Micron."
I'll admit, I do love CCI, but it's not my only passion. I take hundreds of photos - of anything and everything whether it moves or not. And yeah, I take a lot of shots of the dogs. Would I recognize one of my own photos if I saw it?  Well, you would think so.  But self doubt has hit.  How could it be possible in my humble little world that my shot of Micron is one of three shots selected for the 2010 CCI Holiday Cards? 

Good Lord. It's true. It's Micron at four months old. We got this shot of his adorable mug last February when we had a huge snowfall and let the boys run wild in the backyard.

Here's some other digital memories of that virginal white afternoon.

Little dog in a big snow

Be careful what you chase

Jager heard that snakes can unhinge their jaws
to swallow things bigger than their head.

Shouldn't have licked that flagpole
Frosty nose
Jager?  Where'd ja go buddy?
I'm at a loss for words. Can you imagine? How can I express how this feels? I am thrilled. Excited. Over the moon.

I am honored.

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