Sunday, February 7, 2010

Inga Update - Month Two

Inga's advanced training progress report came in from her CCI trainer in the last week of January. Eric has started working with her on the Push and Retrieve training and other advanced behaviors. She's getting more comfortable with her new place and so some of the misbehavior Eric saw during her first month at the center is resolving. I'm seeing good things . . . Inga is settling in, she's with an excellent handler, and CCI hasn't called me yet to come get her.

Two months down.  Four to go.  Paws crossed for success.

Some earlier photos of Inga for memory's sake. Top shot is Inga less than thrilled about wearing her puppy cape for the first time. 

And next here she is sharing her office crate with Nao; that's her on the left. Inga and Nao pretty much grew up together and became very close. Nao is quite a bit larger than the petite Inga and I'm really not sure where the rest of him is in the crate. So yeah, maybe she is a bit dominant, ya think? 

The last shot is her first Christmas photo with Santa. Do check out the unfortunate placement of that left paw.  That's not a smile on Santa's face. 

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