Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Day

It wasn't a big snow yesterday, but enough of a blanket for the dogs to bounce around in. I let the two of them loose in the backyard and let them be just dogs for a while. Micron had a blast on his first snow day.

At 12 weeks, Micron is now wearing his puppy cape at the office. My co-workers are nothing less than awesome about working together to raise the CCI puppies in the office. I work with two other puppy raisers and Micron is the ninth CCI puppy to be raised in our building. So most folk understand how important it is to reinforce calm greetings and to ignore the pup if he's over-excited. For other co-workers not familiar with CCI, the yellow puppy cape is a signal that this isn't just another cute puppy to tousle about the head. 

Micron is starting to grow out of his baby face. He's getting his feathers on his legs and I need to pay attention to around his ears to make sure that long fur isn't matting. He no longer fits on the postage scale, so we use the electronic scale in the fitness room instead. On Thursday, he was 23.2 lbs. -- bigger than a bag of dog food.
He took on the stairs at work last week, mostly just going up though. He'd get to the second floor and then look down like somebody just played a horrible trick on him. By the end of the week, he did finally get the courage to try coming back down. Now he wants to chug up to the second floor every time we walk past the stairwell.

I'm attaching a link to the post of a 5 minute video created by Alex Lowry, an film student in California. He put together a documentary showing the final steps of the breeder/caretaker as she prepares the 8 week old puppies for their trip to the CCI regional centers. This shows Micron and his eight littermates, and spotlights Marti Madias, the BC for these pups. Pretty cool stuff:  A pup's journey to greatness.

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  1. Careful on those stairs, Micron. They can be very slick and trip up even the most experienced dog! You are a cutie and I loved getting some puppy hugs from you last week ... your momma just wasn't around to see it! :-) --KaBooM


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