Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Workin' like a dog

We made it through two days in the office this week. Micron put in some long hours building his new fan base. Hugs & naps all day long, the lucky pup.

The little guy is inheriting some hand-me-downs from Inga. I'm getting some heat about that pink collar. I know hot pink is not befitting of a manly man like Micron, but this falls into the category of "whatever." He's growing like Bruce Banner in a bad mood, so it's not going to fit him in a couple of days anyway. The office crate is still in good shape. He did get a new mat for it; the old mat was worthy of bio hazard disposal [shudder]. Micron moved right into my cubicle world and made himself comfy. He was confident, friendly and not shy at all about taking nap breaks whenever the moment seemed right.

This week we're working on reinforcing good office behaviors: Sit, Down, Wait and Hurry outside. We're also working on the little gremlin game he likes to play where the goal is to grab the hem of my slacks and then shake like hell. Yeah, that's gonna have to stop. Like pretty much right now, little fella.

Because we could, we put him on the postage scale to weigh him on Monday. He weighed in at a beefy 15 lbs 3 oz. This is an 8 week old puppy, people. If he were a kid, we'd be hitting the Husky jeans section at Sears. Truth be told, the fellow is really in great shape. Micron's just a big-boned, healthy doggy. Makes his name just a little ironic though, don't ya think?

Our first week together is coming to an end and things are going just great. What a cool puppy we got here.

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