Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Eating light

Does it seem dim out to you, I ask The Husband. Because it seems dim to me.

We both squint up at the early evening sky with its waning sunlight. Clear and blue with only a few long, wispy clouds.

The light is different, I say.

I guess we'll be noticing the days getting shorter now, says The Husband. It's that time of year.

And it is late, really. Almost eight o'clock before I can pull myself together for the weekly Watch Holly Grow photo shoot. I've been liking this time of day because the summer light is softer and more filtered. None of the harsh shadows you get from the mid-day sun.

I was hoping that fancy 40mm pancake lens would eat enough of the light so I wouldn't have to resort to the on-camera flash. Talk about harsh shadows now.

And I got lucky here. Just enough light to capture that sassy look on Holly's face.

Say cheese, Holly, I say

Squirrel!, says Holly.

Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Stretching the week out

You remember that time you woke up and thought, whew, I'm so glad it's finally Friday. 

But then after the first cuppa Joe, you realized it was only Wednesday.

Don't you hate that? There's another way of looking at it, you know.

It's kinda like getting a gift of two extra days, right?

Well, good news, friends! Instead of celebrating our usual Wordless Wednesday yesterday, we offer you an extension to your week by sharing the newest Watch Holly Grow photo on Thursday.

But that's not all! This week, when you enjoy Holly's 21 Week photo, we'll toss in her 20 Week shot for free! No additional mouse clicks needed for this 2 for 1 special.

Right. If you were privy to my lamentations of an unbalanced life in our last story post, Skipping a Groove, you might see where all this is coming from.

But not to worry. It's not like I've forgotten to feed the dogs in all the latest stress overload.

They would never allow that to happen.

Hey, Food Lady, says Jager, tapping his wrist. It's seven o'clock.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Skipping a groove

Has this happened to you?

You have the daily grind of Life in a delicate balance with the whole working on your career while paying ample attention to the family thing, right? There's a groove to be found with making sure everyone has clean-ish clothes to wear and that drive-through window sustenance is kept to a minimum. Worrying about the health and welfare of your adult kid is the norm because that's just what parents do. You've remembered to make the house payment on time. The dogs are getting their two square meals. The puppy training is happening. And the daily commute has been carefully planned out to avoid the annual summertime orange barrel rodeo.

The weather has been simply gorgeous and you even make it to the occasional local farmer's market. Fresh tomatoes and Ohio grown corn enhance the dinner hour.

Life is on cruise control and you've set it to a quasi-legal eight miles over the speed limit.

But the smallest nudge tips your world. In a week's time, actually. A couple of bad days in the one hour commute to the office. Accelerated deadlines for stuff you're still learning about at work. The cat's throwing up something more orange than clear in a manner best described as projectile.

No, no we got this, you say. Just bumps in the road. Carry on, y'all.

Then more. The weird noise you hear a car making at the traffic light turns out to be actually your very own Toyota.

A friend tells you about the cancer diagnosis for their oh-too-young service dog.

Oh man. Really?

But you can't flinch or you'll risk losing this Jenga match.

One more thing, Life. You mean it. Just one more thing this week and I'm gonna explode and these carefully managed wooden blocks will be crashing down.

Is that an invitation? laughs Life. Or a challenge? It's hard to tell with you. Because, either way I think it's a good time time for you to change jobs. Oh, not so fast there, missy. Maybe. I'll let you know what we decide on this one. Hang loose, ok? 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Recognizing Assistance Dog Week

You came back! cries Holly. She does a four-paw slide across the kitchen flooring to greet me at the back door.

Oof! Holly Don't! I say, using her middle name. I just went to pick some dill from the herb garden. I was only out there for for a couple of minutes. 

Would you make Bodine let go of my
leash, please?
The cat said you've been gone for days and I just wasn't paying attention, said Holly.  But I was! I was paying attention. I think he picks on me sometimes.

Ya think? I say. Anyhow, little one, let's see if we can get a calm greeting from you. This sliding across the floor and slamming into my legs is not becoming of a puppy as smart as you. We have to get you ready for Service Dog College and Good Behavior will be on the test.

But I am Puppy! says Holly. Hear me Rawr!

Indeed you are, Holly Reddy, I say. Still, a puppy needs to learn self-control. Especially one who is being raised to be an assistance dog.

I have important work to do someday, says Holly. I remember. You told me that.

Yep, and you know what else? I say. This week of August 3 is International Assistance Dog Week.

I have a whole week? Really? says Holly. Wait a minute. I thought every day was a Holly Day Holiday. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Armpit wedgie

Hey, Food Lady, says Holly. This cape is giving me an armpit wedgie.

'Tis true, our sassy girl is growing out of her training cape. Being the more petite of the Canine Companions for Independence Hero Litter, I wonder how the rest are faring with theirs.

Hold on, young pups, and keep those tummies tucked in. You're almost old enough for your big pup training capes.


Need a comparison for these weekly photos?  Give this link a click to Watch Holly Grow to see the past posts.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Euka first semester update

Now that, says Euka, was a play session! 
You must really be mad at that little yellow dog, says Bodine. The benevolent ruler of Sword House strolls into the kitchen while I'm putting some sandwiches together.

Ooh, is that roast beef? he asks.

Ack! Get off the counter, Bodine! I say. Take those litter box feet of yours back to the floor. And what? I must be mad at who?

The cat makes a clear, and rather impressive, leap over to the dinette table. He lifts a hind leg and gets down to personal hygiene business.

Let  me know when you're done on the counter, willya, says
Bodine. I have some important business to tend to. 
I'm talking about that little yellow dog, says Bodine. He's speaking slowly so I can understand this time. You took her outside hours ago and never brought her back in.

What are you talking about, cat o'mine? I say. The puppy is right here. See? Holly's on the dog bed in a Down Stay. Right, Holly? Good girl, you. 

Not that tail biter, says Bodine. The other one. Wow, you really don't remember, do you? Maybe you should start writing this stuff down. 

Wait, I say. Are you talking about Euka? Bodine, you dip, we turned Euka back over to CCI for her Advanced Training. It's been over two months ago. 

You don't say, says Bodine. He waves a dismissive paw in the air. Well - a few hours, a few months - it's all the same around here. If it's not one dog, it's another.

He shifts his cleaning efforts to his other cheek. Huh. So you're telling me, says the cat. That we've swapped out yet another yellow dog? Can't we just install a revolving door or something to speed up the process? Hey, you know what? I'm not even going to bother to learn their names anymore.
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